Outdoor heater PT-12m

Outdoor heater PT-12m
Outdoor heater PT-12m

Outdoor heater PT-12m (mushroom)

Stainless Steel Pro Series 46,000 BTU gas Heater

We provide gas heater for all Dubai customers with free service and maintenance.

Our outdoor gas heaters are high quality and commercial grade quality

This gas heater widely used for outdoor areas for restaurants coffee shops and hotels


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PT-12m Gas Outdoor Heater specifications:


Outdoor Gas Heater Description

Base Dia:
Tank Housing:
Main Pole Dia:
Burner Unit:
Flame Screen:
Support Post:
Total Height:
Stainless steel
Dia. 378mmx780mm
Dia. 260mmx220mm(H)
Variable control valve
2241mm(H) 5000W~12000W
Propane, Butane or LPG gas
Stainless steel



This gas heater are so safe to use with superior safety standards. Will allow you to extend outdoor activities when the winter when the temperature going down. Gas heater will generate infrared radiant heat rays to heat surrounding objects rather than the surrounding air, keeping you and your guests warm. Infrared heat with clean gas burner provides efficient burning performance and uses less fuel while providing your customers ultimate comfort place.

This outdoor gas heater can be used also for warehouse, garage and shop heating, on rental basis for outdoor wedding, banquets and other social events, our outdoor gas heater add new dimension in comfort.

The quit radiant warmth of these gas heater 40,000 and 50,000 BTU/H and has been enjoyed throughout Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman.

This gas heater available in many colors and models including stainless steel and bronze, with pyramid shape and mushroom shapes

Gas heater Dubai s bestselling item for hospitality market, outdoor events, schools, restaurants, coffee shops.

It’s not only for commercial use, also individuals can also getting this outdoor gas heater for their gardens, patios, and parties

We offer outdoor gas heater rental services as well free delivery and pickup for Dubai and Abu Dhabi customers



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