Outdoor cooler AC18000

Outdoor cooler AC18000
Outdoor cooler AC18000


Outdoor cooler AC18000


Industrial air cooler Specifications :

Airflow(m3/h) 18000
Power supply(V/Hz) 220/50
Power(W) 550
Application area(m2) 100~150
Noise(dB) ≤65
Color Monochromatic
Fan Type Axial fan
Water capacity(L) 80
Water consumption(L/h) 10~15
Casing material PP
Dimension(mm) 1120*720*1500/1.2m3
Net weight(Kg) 50
Gross weight(Kg) 55


This outdoor cooler are so safe to use with superior safety standards. Will allow you to extend outdoor activities when the summer when the temperature going high. Outdoor cooler will generate air stream to cool surrounding objects rather than the surrounding air, keeping you and your guests Cool. Cold air stream with powerful fan provides efficient evaporative cooling performance and uses less electricity while providing your customers ultimate comfort place.

This outdoor cooler can be used also for warehouse, garage and shop spot cooling, on rental basis for outdoor wedding, banquets and other social events, our outdoor cooler add new dimension in comfort.

The cold air flow of these outdoor cooler 7000 ,8000, and up to 18000 M3/H and has been enjoyed throughout Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman. This outdoor cooler dubai s cool item for hospitality market, outdoor events, schools, restaurants, coffee shops. It’s not only for commercial use, also individuals can also getting this outdoor cooler for their gardens, patios, and parties. We offer outdoor air cooler rental services with free delivery and pickup for Dubai and Abu Dhabi customers