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we proud to be a complete outdoor comfort provider in Dubai. We specialize in water misting, patio cooling and heating and evaporative outdoor cooling.

⊗ High-pressure misting systems / Fogging systems


⊗ Evaporative Outdoor Coolers


⊗ Outdoor misting fans

⊗ Outdoor Patio heaters, Gas & Electric

⊗ Outdoor Coolers Rentals

⊗ Outdoor heaters Rentals

Evaporative outdoor coolers /outdoor cooling ,misting& patio heaters |1cooling Dubai

Patio cooling systems: with Misting systems or without mist ,

Patio Accessories: make any patio your outdoor sanctuary with cooling fans, evaporative coolers, and Spot Outdoor Air conditioners.

Whether you’re trying to cool your house patio in Dubai, workshop outdoor area in Abu Dhabi, industrial open space, restaurant or hotel patio anywhere in the Emirates, we can give an affordable method through the usage of evaporative outdoor coolers / cooling technology

For the short winter in Dubai, We offer electric & gas outdoor patio heaters including the popular mushroom & pyramid heaters

Outdoor Misting
Outdoor misting & cooling in Dubai

Misting fans

Misting fan - 1cooling Dubai

Patio heaters

outdoor patio heaters - 1cooling Dubai

Outdoor cooler rental
Portable outdoor air cooler rental in Dubai

Outdoor heater rental
Pyramid outdoor heater rental in Dubai